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One possible focus of ‘The Role of the Media in Disseminating Information /News’ goes back to the roots of  the newspaper industry, during late 1880’s America. I chose to explore Google & Google Scholar by typing in “newsboys 1899.” This search led me to a wide array of results. On the front of Google, my search displayed rather broad histories from websites like Wikipedia. Though this site provides several bits of information, it is not always reliable. Google Scholar, however, produces multiple PDF files, book references, and citations. Both searches led to the overall subject of the “Newsie” strikes, led by the youth of an oppressed work force. For the purposes of this research project, Google Scholar would supply a more reliable system of sourcing. Its abundant supply of book citations is much more reliable in comparison to Google’s Wikipedia results.


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Hello, this is Ashley Casper…here to discuss my ENG 102 research topic:

‘The Role of the Media in Disseminating Information/News.’

I hastily signed up for this category because I am currently a Journalism major, and the dispersal of news through the media has always intrigued me. More narrowly, I am going to focus on the dissemination of information in America, during the late 1800’s. Before the innovation of the internet or news stations, there was the newsboy. This position was held by a wide array of young boys/men, during a time of mass immigration and extreme poverty. Without a source of income to support their families, many boys were forced to find employment. Jobs in newspaper circulation became available.

Being a newsboy or “newsie” was no easy task. The boys lived like rats, on the city streets of New York. They had poor health due to a lack of food, shelter, and hygiene. “Every man for himself” became a harsh reality. Each boy would gather large stacks of paper each morning and line the street corners. Their duty was to sell, sell, SELL! Newsies would convey every bit of persuasion that they could muster, in order for ladies and gentlemen to buy their product.

Additionally, the hard work was not all in vain. Their role within the newspaper industry was crucial. It was their responsibility to collect and distribute the work of the higher-ups, in order to keep the public informed. America’s boom in the newspaper industry sparked a new source of knowledge for the public, and inevitably set the stage for future developments in news media.

[Note: I learned the majority of this information from a movie/musical entitled Newsies…. but I did use this site to verify my thoughts.]:


[Hey, it’s a start, right? Comments and feedback are always appreciated. Thank you.]

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